2017 Live Outside the Box Winners Announced!


Congratulations to our 2017 Live Outside The Box Winners! The AEF is so proud to report that our Alberta Buckaroo’s totaled 9193 Horse time Hours, 12 457 Outdoor Activity Hours, and consumed 17 442 healthy servings of fruits and vegetables between April – September this year!

Highest Number of Hours of Horse Time

  1. Nessa Ingram Age 15
  2. Tiana Winkler Age 12
  3. Taiga Thorsteinsson Age 15

Highest Number of Healthy Servings

  1. Emmeline Lansdell Age 13
  2. Rayla McKinnon Age 12
  3. Calla Van Beurden Age 9

Highest Number of Hours of Outdoor Activities

  1. Aimee Deveaux Age 11
  2. Trinity van der Sluijs Age 11
  3. Madeline Watkins Age 9

Monthly Hansbo Draw Winners – Recipients of Hansbo HS IC Halters

Teigan Tkachuk, Jessy Maurice, Hailey Lewicki, Ayden Stephens, Halle Crotty, Amy Minken