AFAC – General Call for Nominations

2017 AFAC Awards of Distinction

The Alberta Farm Animal Care Awards of Distinction were initiated in 2001 to recognize individuals or groups who have made exceptional contributions in the field of livestock welfare. These individuals or organizations work hard to advance the mandate of AFAC and the welfare of livestock in Alberta. They apply new, innovative ideas and management practices to improve and ensure high standards of animal wellbeing. They understand the public’s need for assurance that farm animals are raised humanely. They can be held up as examples of those who are making a difference.

Award Categories

The Award of Distinction for Communication

Christina Robinson presenting an award to Jenna Griffin at the 2016 Livestock Care Conference

This award honours those that take an active role in effectively getting the message out about livestock issues, and informing the public and agri-food industry about farm animal care in a factual and honest way to build trust and credibility.

The Award of Distinction for Industry Leadership

This award honours those who integrate animal welfare into their core business strategy, setting their own bar higher for expectations regarding animal welfare.

The Award of Distinction for Innovation

This award honours those who have developed a new process, product, or source of knowledge that has made a significant impact on improving the welfare of livestock and the industry.

Nominees must demonstrate a strong commitment to others through contributions to his or her community or society, and be recognized by peers as having reached a high level of accomplishment and expertise in his or her field.


There are many talented individuals/organizations that deserve to be recognized for their outstanding achievements. If you know an individual/organization whose contributions to animal care enhance their community and inspire others, please take a few minutes to summarize (in letter format) why you believe they deserve the award and email the information to the AFAC office (info below). Please address the accomplishments of the nominee as outlined above.

Selection Process

The AFAC Board will confer to select the award recipients from among the nominations received. One individual or organization in each of the three categories identified above may be granted one award per year. The Board may or may not choose someone for each award category. The decisions of the Board will be final.

The Executive Director will inform the award recipients on or before March 10, 2017 and will invite them or a representative to receive the award at the Livestock Care Conference on March 22 in Leduc, Alberta. AFAC is not able to reimburse the award winners or their representatives for their expenses in travelling to the conference to receive the awards.

The names of the award recipients and the award citations will be posted on AFAC’s website and published in AFAC updates and media releases following the conference.

Nomination deadline is March 1, 2017

Please submit nominations via email to Kristen Mortensen at [email protected]

Comments or questions? Contact the AFAC office at 403.652.5111