Board of Directors


The Alberta Equestrian Federation (AEF) board of directors is comprised of elected members who jointly oversee the activities of  the organization. Current board of directors:

Name Email Phone
Les Oakes President [email protected] 403-540-9859
Lauren Parker President Elect [email protected] 403-813-1055
Tara Gamble Past President [email protected] 780-945-7516
Dena Squarebriggs Secretary [email protected] 403-760-0512
Sandy Bell Treasurer [email protected] 403-700-7880
Christine Axani Individual [email protected] 403-816-8979
Nicolas Brown Individual [email protected] 587-988-3590
Alison Douglas Individual [email protected] 403-762-8570
Lewis Hand Individual  [email protected] 403-722-4690
Trish Mrakawa Individual [email protected] 403-938-6398
Robert Simpson Individual [email protected] 780-628-2356

Standing committees are permanent AEF committees that meet on a regular basis. Many committees often need volunteers, if you are interested in volunteering, please contact [email protected].