Equine Skeleton to Benefit Massage Therapy Students at Darcy Lane Thanks to the Equine Foundation of Canada

watson-ds16Watson, our newly acquired teaching tool, an equine skeleton, has made the long journey from Bone Clones in Canoga Park, California to Darcy Lane Inc., in London, Ontario thanks to the Equine Foundation of Canada (EFC).

The EFC, founded by George Wade of Kentville, Nova Scotia in 1983, was the first charitable organization devoted to equines to be registered by Revenue Canada. The purpose of the Foundation is to aid in the health and welfare of the horse with its programs being unbiased as to the breed of horse or area of the country. It is a Registered Charity with all donations being tax deductible with an official receipt issued to the donor. The fundraising is carried out by dedicated volunteers across Canada and 100% of the donations are used to maintain the organization and provide funds to various equine institutions for education, research etc…

Lisa Kavanagh, Director of Education of the Equine Massage Therapy program at the Darcy Lane Institute in London, Ontario submitted a grant proposal to the Equine Foundation of Canada in hopes of receiving enough funds to purchase an equine skeleton. In June of 2016, the grant was approved by the EFC.

The acquisition of the skeleton will allow the equine massage students to explore aspects of equine massage beyond what is currently available in their lecture hall.  This teaching aid will enable our instructors to provide an enriched learning experience that will reinforce key concepts of our program. They skeleton will also provide a valuable hands on manipulative and interactive tool that will allow our students to learn to their fullest potential, enhancing their knowledge and further strengthening their developing skills thus improving on the level of care they can offer in the field.watson-arrives

Horses have played an important role in human culture for centuries.  Equine Massage Therapy has been developed to aid the equine world and to promote the importance of overall horse health. Just as the human body requires rehabilitation, relief from pain and stress, detoxification, improved circulation, muscle flexibility & joint mobility, so does the equine body.

Registered Equine Massage Therapists work with veterinarians, horse owners, coaches, trainers, riders/drivers and other horse care specialists to minimize rehabilitation time, enhance performance and improve overall horse health.

Darcy Lane Institute, School of Equine Massage Therapy program was developed in 1996 and is the only registered program of its kind in North America and offers the most intensive program to date in equine massage. With the assistance of veterinarians, registered massage therapists, Equine Canada certified coaches, competitive riders and horse owners, a program was designed to provide the student with the expertise to aid the equine athlete in rehabilitation, relaxation & maintenance as well as helping owners maximize the potential of their horses.

Classes at Darcy Lane begin in September of every year. The program is 2200 hours in length and includes courses in: Management, Behaviour, Anatomy & Physiology, Massage Theory & Technique, Professionalism & Ethics, Massage Treatments, Pathology & Research, Hydrotherapy & other Modalities and Conformation & Kinesiology. Students split their time between the classroom and in the barns. Darcy Lane prides itself on our ability to provide their students with a well-rounded education with both lecture and hands on experience with experienced & knowledgeable instructors. Students also have opportunities to participate in local events such as trade shows, clinics & horse shows, offering equine massage therapy to participants under instructor supervision.

Watson was acquired from Bone Clones, Osteological Reproductions in Canoga Park, CA. Bone Clones, Inc. is the premier osteological replication company specializing in precise casts of human and animal skeletons. For over 20 years, Bone Clones have been the leading osteological reproductions used in museums, universities, medical schools and other educational institutions. All casts are made from a custom blended polyurethane resin, formulated to duplicate subtle structures and minute scientific detail of natural and fossilized bone.

In the short time that Watson has been at Darcy Lane, he has already provided our current students with an enhanced learning environment. Watson will be well loved for years to come!

Thanks again to the Equine Foundation of Canada for making this possible.

Article provided by Darcy Lane Equine Massage School