Horses in Sport Exhibit

Throughout history, horses were primarily used for hunting, transportation and protecting Canadians, but horses were also used for sporting events with the earliest known use in horse racing. Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame has inducted twenty-six individuals and two horses for their amazing contributions to the equine world. This exhibit features eight major national and international equestrian events that are well-known in Canada in which horses play an integral role including the Calgary Stampede, Canadian Supreme, Canadian Derby, and the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The specific disciplines featured include the western performance disciplines of working cow horse, cutting horse and reining, and the English disciplines of dressage, show jumping, polo and side saddle racing.


This exhibit features unique artefacts including a 35 million year old prehistoric horse, a full-size horse skeleton, three original trophies won by Northern Dancer, the racing colours worn by James Speers, the founder of the Canadian Derby, and the saddle used by Tom Gayford when he won a Gold Medal at the 1968 Olympic Games with teammates James Day and Jim Elder. Life-size statues of Northern Dancer and Ron Turcotte are also on display along with feature videos of major equestrian event highlights, interviews with Margaret Southern and Ian Millar, and information about the health, nutrition, and therapy of horses.