Kananaskis Country Summer Construction Updates

Elbow Sheep Wildland Provincial Park
Tombstone Backcountry Campground
The Tombstone Backcountry Campground will be expanded from 10 sites to 15 sites. The campground will be reconfigured to separated equestrian from hiker use. There will be 4 separate equestrian sites with fire pits and hitching rails. The hiker sites will have a communal cooking area with fire pits and picnic tables that will be located separated from the 11 tent sites. In addition, two new pit toilets will be installed.

Sentinel Day Use Area
As part of the 2013 flood recovery effort, Sentinel Day Use Area repairs are scheduled to occur this summer. Equestrian parking will be accommodated on the east end, day use parking on the west end supplemented with formal picnic sites. Flood mitigation will be installed along the Highwood River to protect the day use area and picnic sites from future floods. The two washrooms will be replaced with a new 4-stall building.

Elbow Valley
Cobble Flats, Forgetmenot Pond and Little Elbow Trailhead
Alberta Parks is finishing off 2013 flood projects in the Elbow Valley. Cobble Flats, Forgetmenot Pond and Little Elbow Trailhead day use areas are being upgraded. Due to the removal of the picnic sites at Elbow Falls, sites have been added to Cobble Flats and Forgetmenot Pond Day Use. Cobble Flats has addition picnic sites and a new picnic shelter. The access road and some picnic site trails are now paved. Forgetmenot Pond entry/exit has been reconfigured to improve traffic flow. The site has additional parking, picnic sites and a paved pathway. The Little Elbow Trailhead parking is expanded with separate equestrian and hiker parking lots. These day use areas will be open to the public this July.

Visiting Kananaskis Country?
For updates on construction advisories, go to: https://www.albertaparks.ca/albertaparksca/advisories-public-safety/advisories/.
For information, call: Kananaskis Information Line @ 1- 403-678-0760

Published on May 22, 2018