Premises ID / Equine Traceability

The Premises Identification Program came into effect on January 1, 2009 as part of the Animal Health Act. The purpose of this program is to have a mechanism in place in order to track the location of animals in case of an animal disease occurrence, a public health related emergency, or an emergency such as a natural disaster affecting animals and people.
What is Traceability?

If you keep horses on your property (or other livestock registerable under the act) you must register your premises.

The Premises Identification Application form including Schedule A for your home quarter, is required to register a livestock operation in Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development’s Premises Identification Program. A home quarter means the premises on which the applicant’s main animal operation is located.

Please Note: At least one valid premises information sheet (Schedule A) must be associated with your registered Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development premises identification account.

For further information on the Premises Identification Program and Horse/Equine Owner’s Checklist visit Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development here.