Provincial Awards

The Alberta Equestrian Federation (AEF) is pleased to offer annual provincial awards recognizing deserving members in good standing throughout various industry sectors. The successful members for each category will exemplify the characteristics defined in the respective award. Candidates may be of any age, involved in any discipline and must hold a current AEF membership (individual, family, stable/facility, etc.) Nominations are only accepted through the online nomination form. Nominations must be truthful and accurate to the best of your knowledge. Anyone may nominate an AEF member for more than one category but only one category per form. Self-nominations are not accepted.

Members may be recognized for an outstanding achievement or for continual outstanding contributions. The achievement(s) in question should be complete and/or measurable to the degree that the selection committee can come to an accurate assessment of its significance and degree of accomplishment.


  • Outstanding Instructor/Coach of the Year
  • Sportsmanship Excellence Award
  • Outstanding Athlete/Rider of the Year
  • Outstanding Volunteer of the Year
  • Outstanding Contributor of the Year
  • Outstanding Stable/Facility of the Year
  • Above and Beyond Excellence Award

Nomination Criteria

Nomination Form

Nominations Accepted: November 1st – December 31st of each calendar year