Ticket To Ride

The Ticket to Ride program is in partnership with Equestrian Canada (EC) certified instructors/coaches and offers a FREE introductory riding lesson or introduction to horses.

One of the most important factors when choosing a place to ride is to look for a safe environment that uses horses which are suitable for new riders. The AEF’s EC instructors/coaches are a good starting contact! This voluntary program is made up of participating member EC certified instructors/coaches that agree to keep their property in good condition, coaching currency up to date, make safety a top priority in their riding programs and ensure their horses and ponies are in good health and are suitable for use in riding lessons.

To help riders get the best possible first experience, we have reached out to these EC instructors/coaches to join this program.

Click here to view Sport Calgary’s article on Ticket to Ride.

Redeemed your “Ticket to Ride” with an EC instructor/coach for one of the following: (EC instructors/coaches will offer a minimum of one option)

  • One FREE assessment lesson
  • One FREE “introduction to horses” barn tour

How to Participate:

  1. Register below for your complimentary Ticket to Ride and wait for email confirmation/instructions.
  2. Connect with a participating instructor/coach by using the list provided in your confirmation email or by utilizing the AEF EC instructors/coaches directory. This can be done by simply searching “Ticket to Ride” in the programs drop down menu.
  3. Schedule your “Ticket to Ride” with your participating instructor/coach by organizing a date that works for you both.
  4. Notify the AEF of the decided date your “Ticket to Ride” will take place and which EC instructor/coach you are redeeming with by emailing [email protected]. Please give at least 72 hours notice.
  5. AEF will then provide you with a temporary AEF membership (if you do not already have a current individual AEF membership) in an effort to ensure proper risk management. Temporary AEF membership will be given to a maximum of two times for those new to equestrian in an effort to ensure proper risk management. 
  6. Redeem your ticket & enjoy your equine experience!


Contact us at [email protected] 

Thank you for pursuing our Ticket to Ride program. We are excited for you to get started!

Please fill out the information below for the person requesting the “Ticket to Ride”. This will enable us to set the applicant up to redeem their ticket with one of our participating EC/NCCP Certified Equestrian Instructors/coaches.


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