Trail Closure Update for Crowsnest Pass Area


The main trail to Plane Crash has been reopened. Alberta Environment and Parks have cut in a trail around the giant rutted-out section and ‘buttoned-up’ this section so there is one good trail through the area, installed a couple of culverts and some drainage features and completed some reclamation work. Minimum work was completed on this trail to limit the amount of disturbance to the nearby creek. As some of you may know, North York Creek is an important creek in the sense that it is used as a control for the watershed study in Crowsnest Pass. It was decided to keep the work minimum along this trail at this time to reduce the risk of impacting this viable and valuable research study.


McGillivray Creek trail remains closed. The project is coming along very well and the contractor has completed the work. However, the trail crew are still back there and will be building / installing three bridges. Also, due to the rain we have received, it is best for people to stay off of this trail until it is more dry. We completed extensive work up McGillivray and the trail tread is still settling.  It is currently scheduled to be closed until October 31, 2016.