Who Is The AEF?

Equines and equine enthusiasts are an integral part of Alberta.

The history of the province is one of horses, donkeys and mules, and their riders and drivers. The First Nations, the European explorers, the pioneers and the mounted police relied on equines to survive and to thrive.  Together, they established the heart of the province.  From these equine roots, Alberta has gained an international reputation for excellence in equestrianism, as exemplified by Spruce Meadows and the Calgary Stampede.

It is said that Alberta has more equines per capita than any other jurisdiction in Canada.  Although the exact numbers are as of yet unknown, it is clear to those who know horses,  donkeys and mules that equines continue to be an important part of the culture and industry of the province.  Even if not directly connected to equines, Alberta’s value them and their riders and drivers.  A Sunday drive in the Alberta countryside is complete when grazing equines dot the fields or riders are spotted on the hillsides.  A summer parade in Alberta is complete when horses, donkeys or mules walk by.

The Alberta Equestrian Federation (AEF) was established in 1978 as a non-profit organization to support equestrian sport and recreational activities within the province of Alberta.  Throughout the ensuing decades the federation has developed from a small organization to a medium-sized non-profit with a budget of million dollars per annum. The federation is striving to position itself to become an even greater support for equine activities in the province.  Equestrian and equine owner requests are growing for AEF programs and services.  There are opportunities to create programs in emerging areas of new interest for equine enthusiasts.

AEF programs and services cover a wide range of equestrian activities for beginners to experts in a multitude of disciplines.  Services range from the provision of reasonable cost insurance for all members to services in the areas of recreation, sport, education, breeds and industry. The federation provides provincial support and administration for the National English, Western, Saddle Seat and Driving instructor/coach certification programs and the English, Western, and Drive rider/driver development programs.  It established and continues to support the Wild Rose competitions program across the province.

The AEF is dedicated to the well-being of equines and works for the equestrian community in the province. The Board of Directors, elected from the equestrian public, enables the federation to serve its members with a contemporary and dynamic approach.  The AEF is poised for growth in membership and increased equestrian participation at all ability levels and in all areas of equine interest.

The AEF is the only equestrian body recognized by Alberta Sport Connection, thereby having a voice within the Alberta Government.


Alberta’s premier resource for education, information and support for the entire equine community.


To assist in creating a positive environment for the enjoyment of equines. Through leadership and a proactive approach we promote, facilitate, and coordinate equestrian related activities in Alberta.


The AEF values underlie how the federation will fulfill its mission as it works toward its vision. The following values influence the decisions the AEF makes and the actions it takes:

  • We will take a leadership role in the areas of Equine Sport, Recreation, Breeds & Industry, Education, Promotion & Publicity;
  • All undertakings will be done through partnerships, cooperation, and collaboration;
  • The programs and services we provide will demonstrate excellence in continued education, impartial sport, recreation, active living and advocacy;
  • This will be accomplished by setting measurable, achievable goals and monitoring effectiveness in all programs and services;
  • To ensure efficient and effective use of all resources, we will assume accountability and fiscal responsibility;
  • We will be innovative, creative and flexible in our approaches to work and partnerships;
  • We will maintain a strong viable organization.

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