We are proud to award the October 2019 Canter Away Current incentive to Sarah Gunter!

Sarah Gunter, a certified NCCP Western Instructor, has been riding and instructing for what seems like her whole life! She has always had an active role in the equine community, wherever she happens to be at the time. In recent years, she has been in Grande Prairie, where she works as the senior instructor at PARDS Therapeutic Centre. Outside her instructor position, she also manages the PARDS boarding program. In addition, she is a Registered Massage Therapist and offers services to residents of the Peace County region.

“I’ve always loved working with and helping horses. It’s a feeling you can’t explain when you can help a horse with no verbal communication, just by feel, and it’s that connection that fuels my passion for horses…Staying as a current and certified NCCP Western Instructor is important to me because I’ve worked long and hard to attain the certification. When you invest a part of your life into something, you don’t want to let it go. I also strongly believe in the Equestrian Canada national rider level programs that I have access to (through Alberta Equestrian Federation). I grew up following the guidelines and expectations of the riders levels for both English and Western disciplines – so being able to now offer the same programs to the youth within my community with AEF and EC support is very fulfilling,” says Sarah.

With her desire to help horses and her love of teaching, Sarah has also become a certified Equine First-Aid Instructor, which she obtained through Equi-Health Canada. Sarah has loved being able to further her education wherever possible, for she feels it helps make her a well-rounded and knowledgeable instructor to all of her students.


AEF established the “Canter Away Current” incentive in 2016 in an effort to encourage EC/NCCP instructors/coaches in Alberta to keep current with their credentials by maintaining their first aid, background checks, memberships, and professional development. This incentive allows for a quarterly draw rewarding an EC/NCCP instructor/coach with a $200 Greenhawk Giftcard.

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