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Jun 6, 2018 | Uncategorized

Each year the Alberta Equestrian Federation (AEF) is pleased to offer the Pump Up Your Levels Funding Incentive. The objective of this incentive is to encourage growth within the National Learn to Ride/Drive programs, encourage use of Equestrian Canada (EC) certified instructors/coaches in stables/facilities, as well as to increase LTED participation by using existing programs already incorporating this framework, within Alberta. The incentive includes two awards per calendar year; one $1,000 financial incentive for a stable/facility, and one $500 financial incentive for a current EC certified instructor/coach. Selection is made based on fully completed applications alongside the highest number of rider tests in either discipline (combined) that are conducted by the instructor/coach and stable/facility for the applicable year.

The AEF is pleased to congratulate the following recipients for the 2017 calendar year:

Instructor/Coach Incentive awarded to Lynda Tennessen of Edmonton, AB

Lynda Tennessen is a certified English riding instructor at Whitemud Equine Learning Centre (WELCA) in Edmonton, AB. She had her very first horse at WELCA in 1979. Since then she has ridden at several show barns, teaching and has done some showing as well. She has owned six other horses since then and two are still actively working in the Lesson program at WELCA. One is 26 years of age and the other is 36 years of age. She can’t help but want to share their great personalities to help teach the students in the recreational community based programs that WELCA provides. Lynda really enjoys the atmosphere at WELCA and the sense of belonging it gives to its users from the lesson programs to the field trips, to the Equine Assisted Therapy sessions, NAIT, Clinics and inclusive volunteer programs. Lynda feels that athlete development could be advanced in Alberta by the continued use of the rider level programs. There are five certified instructors/coaches at WELCA, including Lynda, all who have a common interest through the rider level programming. Lynda states, “I am always thankful of the amazing way that the Equestrian Canada Rider Levels help us in setting up our riding classes and they help set up a progressive scheduled for increased learning in all aspects of riding and loving and caring for a horse. It also gives our students strong clear goals on what they would like to achieve in their riding classes.” Lynda plans to use this funding as financial aid for some of her students, to purchase books for the EC Rider Levels program. She also plans to use the funding for other educational materials such as DVD’s and/or a course for herself so that she could pass on further learning to her students. In closing Lynda shares, “I am very happy to be a part of the Alberta Equestrian Federation and am most thankful of the constant support we receive from them in the process of the Rider Levels and other matters that come up with running of a facility with so many students. I will continue to further my education in the industry by attending the amazing courses provided from or through the AEF.”

Stable/Facility Incentive awarded to Takoda Ranch located in Drayton Valley, AB

Takoda Ranch is centrally located, with easy access and offers an unheated 70’ x 172’ indoor riding arena. It also has an attached six stall barn with washroom facilities and wash bay for the horses. It is owned and operated by Wendy Martin, EC/NCCP certified Western Competition Coach, and her husband and family. Takoda Ranch’s lesson program consists mainly of riders hauling in with their own horses. It is well maintained which means that it requires gravel for the trailers to park without getting stuck and hoses to water the arena, because good footing is a must. There is always tack, stable supplies, and first aid kits available. This funding will be put to good use by starting with hoses, sprinklers (a way to keep the wash bay from freezing up in winter), more heat tape and of course, there is always a need for more sand. Wendy Martin, owner of Takoda Ranch, states, “The Learn to Ride Program has really benefited me both as a Coach and a facility. It provides structure and progression and I keep the criteria posted on the barn wall so students have a better understanding of where they are at and what to work towards. As a Coach, I love that the AEF has always been right there to answer any questions and make sure that we are all on the same page. They strive to keep the standards high and I for sure plan to use and help promote this program for years to come.” Takoda Ranch’s riders and coaches are always striving to learn more within the equine industry.

For more information on this specific funding incentive please visit: AEF Individual Funding Incentives

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