October 19, 2018 @ 8:00 am – October 21, 2018 @ 5:00 pm
Sandridge Stables
Sherwood Park
Tricia Dahms

The coaching camp is an intensive, fun long weekend of coaching development covering the outcomes required by the Coaching Association of Canada and Equestrian Canada for certification. Get ready for your evaluation by participating in, observing and teaching riders of a variety of backgrounds and levels as well as riding preparation for exams.

This clinic is an excellent preparation for the Coaching Evaluations and you will have opportunities to plan and deliver lessons in the required format with feedback to improve your lesson structure and content.

Some of the topics covered will be:

  • Long Term Equestrian Development
  • Lesson Planning
  • Analyzing Performance
  • Design a Sports Program
  • Provide Support To Athletes in Training
  • Sports Psychology
  • Manage Aspects of a Sports Program
  • Support the Competitive Experience

Whether you are a seasoned coach or just beginning there is something for everyone.

Registrations for the Coaching Evaluation are separate and additional to the Coaching Clinic.  You can register directly for the Evaluation even if you are not doing the Coaching Clinic.

To register for the Coaching Clinic, please contact Sandridge Stables directly at the email address above.  $300.00.  Registration deadline is September 30, 2018.

To register for the Coaching Evaluations you need to contact the AEF directly.  Check with AEF for the Evaluation Registration deadline which may not be the same date as the coaching clinic.

Additional Details available here: http://www.sandridgestables.ca/

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