93 years young, Marvin Donaghy sent this sweet handwritten letter to thank the AEF for a complimentary loyalty membership. In reality, we are the ones who would like to thank Marvin for his many years of support, loyalty, and kindness.

His letter reads as follows:

Dec 24/2021
Red Deer, Alberta

Dear Norma & co-hort,

Enclosed is a cheque for the trail program. We are so blessed to have such a beautiful province to ride in.

These pictures were taken in August & September west of Sundre, note (fly mask). There were four of us in the group. I had three “babysitters”. This is “wild horse” country. I really like to watch them. This is pretty rugged country but, like the animals, very picturesque. 

Thank you for the “free” membership. With a little luck maybe I can get seven more. 93 + 7 = 100. 

Enjoy Christmas and a lot of good things in the future.

Marvin Donaghy

Marvin Donaghy

It is people like Marvin and all of our wonderful AEF members that we feel excited to do what we do. We couldn’t ask for a better equine community!