JC Anderson Legacy Medal

  J.C. Anderson Athlete Bursary Development Program

The J.C. Anderson Legacy Medal is a skills-based 1.20m jumper medal series with the intent to identify athletes who have the potential to become Canada’s next high-performance competitors. Founded in partnership with the 11 Provincial/Territorial Canadian Equestrian Sport Organizations (PTSO’s), athletes under the age of 25 will compete in this two-phase competition for a chance at athlete development bursaries totaling over $30,000.

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To be eligible to participate in the J.C. Anderson Legacy Medal, athletes are required to complete the Athlete Declaration Form


2019 J.C. Anderson Legacy Medal – Final Score Breakdown

Thank you to every athlete who competed in the 2019 J.C Anderson Legacy Medal. This medal program supports Equestrian Athletes under the age of 25 across the country, by providing athlete development bursaries to further professional equestrian careers. The program is designed to help identify those who have the potential in becoming Canada’s next High-Performance Athletes.

The below chart represents the overall tabulated results:

  Athlete First Round Second Round Total Province Bursary Amount
1st Emma Woo 79.3 76.8 156.1 BC $10,000
2nd Stéphanie Leblond 76 78 154 QC $7,000
3rd Serenity Enders 71.6 75 146.6 AB $5,000
4th Shaelynn Enders 61.3 81.6 142.9 AB $3,000
5th Kyra Rothwell 70 71 141 AB $2,000
6th Jessica Melville 68.6 71.3 139.9 AB $1,500
7th Brianna Ballard 63.6 76 139.6 QC $1,000
8th Caroline Fernandez 71 68 139 NS $1,000
9th Kennedy Ballard 74 59 133 QC $1,000
10th Brooke Rossignol 67.3 58 125.3 NS $1,000
11th Jessica Felcan 38.3 72.3 110.6 BC  
12th Stéphanie Bourassa 33.6 71 104.6 QC  
13th Bianca Ferreira 29.3 75 104.3 AB  
14th Victoria Lombart 36 68 104 QC  


To come up with a National Final result, Eastern athletes competed in a competition in the East and Western athletes competed in a competition in the West. The final results were achieved by taking each score from each respective official and averaging those scores. Final rounds were judged in real-time, as well as by a panel of officials through video recorded rounds.

A review of the 2019 J.C Anderson Legacy Medal rules can be found here: 2019 J.C. Anderson Legacy Medal



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