Join us in congratulating Jessica Tyrrell of Strathmore, AB – the recipient of the 2019 Charlene Baker Western Rider Bursary!

Jessica Tyrrell has been an Albertan for 25 years, and a member of AEF for nearly 20. Although a passionate horsewoman now, it was the ice, not the barn that she used to call home. As a child, Jessica was a figure skater, but a car accident at the age of 13 left her unable to skate.

Jessica believes that “all things happen for a reason.” In order to rebuild both her physical and mental strength, she was given a myriad of low impact sports to choose from. She chose riding.  It was the beginning of a passion that would dictate the course of the rest of her life.

Although she participated in numerous equestrian disciplines, she found she had a love for the western programs.  She has now achieved her Western Rider Level 4 and her NCCP Western Coach Certification, and is the owner and head coach/trainer at Tyrrell Riding Academy.  Coaching both young and old alike, Jessica helps them meet their goals with their horses while promoting a healthy, enriching lifestyle.

“My greatest pleasure comes from coaching individuals to help meet their goals, be it to learn to overcome fears or compete in local competitions, and even national venues,” Jessica explains.

She explains that the Learn to Ride programs provides a sound foundation when coaching, especially when it comes to safety. Having gone through the levels herself, she knows first-hand the impact that it can have.

“The Western Learn to Ride program has helped give me the confidence to go further and obtain my NCCP Western Coach Certification.  I am not only coaching students through the four levels, but also [currently] mentoring a student to become a coach and my daughter to become an assistant coach,” Jessica explains.

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