Learn to Ride/Drive

What are the Learn to Ride / Drive Programs?

Equestrian Canada (EC) Learn to Ride Programs are aimed at individuals who wish to become well-rounded horse people, who are able to care for and ride their horses in a correct and safe manner and wish to be recognized for doing so at a national level.

The program is available for both English & Western riding disciplines, as well as Driving; providing a systematic approach for introducing new riders/drivers to equestrian sport.

Organized into levels (English Learn to Ride Levels 1-10, Western Learn to Ride Levels 1-4, and the Western Intermediate Rider Levels) the Learn to Ride/Drive Programs to develop practical hands-on stable management and riding skills along with the knowledge that will help ensure riding is a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Experience and skills developed during lessons are supported by further learning material found in the rider manuals that accompany each level in the program. A proper riding technique is best developed with the aid of an EC certified instructor/coach. As such, the program has been designed to be delivered by an EC certified instructor/coach. These instructors/coaches are provided with materials, guidelines, and specific training to support their delivery of the Learn to Ride/Drive programs.

Accompanying each level of the programs are rider tests that are composed of a written theoretical component, a hands-on practical stable management component, and a riding component, all designed to test the rider on their knowledge learned at each specific level. Successful candidates will receive nationally accredited certificates and rider level badges.

Join today! Feel good about participating in a program that is for everybody and accomplishes the following:

  • Tracking your progress successfully;
  • Working towards a national standard;
  • Learning to ride safely and correctly;
  • Developing a range of skills and knowledge;
  • Recognizing and celebrating your achievements.

Please inquire directly, for more information on the “Learn to Drive” program.

Learn to Drive Program Downloads

For EC/NCCP Certified Instructors/Coaches/Examiners

Learn to Ride/Drive - Online Application Forms

The application forms and fees should be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the evaluation date. The evaluation date is subject to approval by the AEF Office.

Be mindful that missing information may delay the processing time.

  • Step 1: Host Application
    • The Host Application should be submitted by the facility owner, barn manager, coordinator of the evaluation, or by the evaluator themselves.
    • The host is responsible for submitting the evaluation fee. The fees should be sent by etransfer to [email protected] , $25 per certificate. Please ensure to write in the etransfer message ‘Fee for the Rider Level test of First and Last Name of each rider’
  • Step 2: Rider Application
    • The Rider Application should be submitted by the candidate themselves.
  • Step 3:  Instructor/Coach Recommendation Application
    • The Instructor/Coach Recommendation Application should be submitted by the candidate’s instructor/coach.


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