Message from Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

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On October 18, 2016 a letter was sent to all veterinarians through the A.B.V.M.A. (Alberta Veterinary Medical Association) regarding recent phone calls that had been received from horse owners who had heard that there may be a case of neurotropic equine herpes virus (nEHV-1) at a stable in Alberta.

After Alberta Agriculture and Forestry contacted the private veterinary practitioner it was learned that testing had been completed on the affected horse and the results were positive for a wild strain of EHV, but were negative for nEHV-1. The wild type of EHV found in the Alberta horse is a common virus that occurs in horses worldwide and is not a notifiable disease in Alberta.

Breeders may find the Equine Biosecurity Principles and Best Practices document to have useful information to assist in keeping horses healthy. Information about EHV-1 can be found in a number of places however the article from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine may be of interest to breeders.

Original Article Provided by: Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society: Alberta Division