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Ride & Drive

A Reward Program for Recreational Riders & Drivers

The AEF Ride & Drive program is a rewards program designed to give recreational riders, drivers and vaulters an extra incentive to spend more hours in the saddle or behind the breeching; whether it be for practice, exercise, therapy or just plain fun.

It is open to all AEF members having fun with their horses! Even those who just take lessons or lease a horse are eligible to participate.

There is no age restriction – it’s for the young and the young-at-heart! All that is required is your yearly AEF membership with the Ride & Drive Add-on. Then start counting the hours of fun and relaxation riding/driving your horses. The hours accumulate and continue to build up even if you have to re-register (this means you never lose your hours).The ultimate goal of 2,000 hours is worth striving for!

Rewards are progressive, starting with the 25 hour level and ending at the 2000 hour level. Hours spent riding or driving must be logged on a daily basis on a Ride & Drive log sheet and submitted if requested.

Submit Your Hours

  • By Mail
    • If you prefer, we also accept hour submissions sent in the mail

How does it work?

  • Log your hours in your logbook (supplied upon enrollment)
  • Submit your hours when you reach a milestone (25, 50, 100, etc.), submissions can made via the following methods:
    • Email: [email protected]  
    • Mail slips to: Alberta Equestrian Federation 120, 251 Midpark Blvd SE, Calgary, AB T2X 1S3
    • Fax slips to:  403-252-5260
  • Receive awards based on your progression

Hour slips must be submitted within 12 months of being earned to be eligible for a reward  (eg – you completed 100 hours on January 30, 2017 – you must submit your 100 hour slip before January 30, 2018, in order to be eligible to receive that reward). Time out of the saddle is not included (i.e. grooming).

Who can participate in this program?

Anyone that wishes, it’s for all ages and all disciplines!

How do I join?

There are three ways to join, either you may:

  • Sign up while purchasing/renewing your AEF membership online or;
  • If you’re already a current AEF member, you may add on the Ride & Drive program via the “AEF Member Login” or;
  • Contact [email protected] or 403-253-4411 (ext 2).

Is there a fee to participate?

Yes, there is a fee of $20 per year to participate in the rewards program. You must also be a current AEF member, these prices vary depending on membership level.

25 HOUR Wild Flower Seed Card and Pin
50 HOUR  Keychain
100 HOUR  Body Brush
150 HOUR AEF Tumbler
200 HOUR  Horse Discipline Sign
300 HOUR  AEF Water Bottle
500 HOUR  AEF Clothing
750 HOUR  Grooming Tote
1000 HOUR  Halter
1300 HOUR  Cell Phone Power Bank
1600 HOUR  Horse Cooler
2000 HOUR  AEF Jacket



  • The program is non-transferable
  • Ride & Drive memberships expire annually on December 31st
  • AEF membership and enrollment in the Ride & Drive reward program must be current, to receive awards throughout the year
  • Corresponding prizes are awarded, only for those slips submitted (ie. if you logged 100 hours, please submit slips for 25, 50, and 100 hour levels to receive prizes for each level)
  • Riders/Drivers participating in the program are responsible for tracking their own hours. Submission of slips is only required once a Ride and Drive milestone is reached.
  • Hours spent riding/driving in a commercial situation – ie conducting business activities, are not eligible to be counted for reward hours
  • Conditions and reward levels may be subject to change without notice

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