NCCP Certified Coach, Quindy started working in the equine industry 30 years ago, at the early age of 12, mucking stalls for a dressage coach in Ontario. Since then, she has embraced many opportunities to work, ride and train with some of the best professionals in the industry, in English, western and driving disciplines. She explains that her experience has given her “a real feel for what I feel true horsemanship is.”

“My goal with every horse is to have them come to the gate because they want to spend time with me, and they love their job,” Quindy explains.

Quindy and her husband now own and run Foxtail Woods Ltd. in Wainwright, AB, where she coaches hunter/jumpers.

“I love to help people develop their horses, giving them the understanding of how basic horsemanship can get them where they want to go,” she says.

Following the national Learn to Ride Program, Quindy always strives to put her students’ goals first, and explains that she wants to be a coach that “knows her limits,” even if that means being a mere “stepping stone” as they work towards their dreams.

Currently, it is Quindy’s goal to expand Foxtail Woods Ltd. to include an indoor arena so she is able to create a place where she can continue to have her students develop their skills all year around.

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