As the risk management partner for the AEF and its members, our team at CapriCMW gets asked many questions about the insurance we deliver to the diverse equine community in Alberta.

I know I can speak on behalf of my colleagues to say that the best part of our day is when we are answering those inquiries to help unravel the confusion surrounding insurance for our thousands of equine industry clients.

Of the many products and services we provide, it is the personal liability coverage that remains the most discussed, and in the minds of many, represents the most important component of our program.

The following represents frequently asked questions and I hope that this information, along with information we have posted on the AEF website, is useful. If this article leads you to ask more questions of us, PLEASE do so, we are at your service!

  1. Does this policy cover me as the member or the horses I own?

Answer: As a member in good standing of the AEF, YOU THE MEMBER are covered for liability that could be imposed upon you if a horse you own, lease, borrow or use causes bodily injury or property damage and you are held to be legally responsible.

  1. Does it matter how many horses I have or what I do with them?

Answer: The policy covers your non-commercial activities with any number of horses owned or non-owned; it provides protection regardless of where the horses are – worldwide.

  1. What is the difference between “commercial” use and “personal” use?

Answer: If there is compensation or trade in kind being provided for the use of the horse, it may be deemed commercial use. For example, using the horse to give someone else riding instruction or pony rides for a fee, or short term rental of the horse to someone else, are a few examples of typically excluded activities. There are exceptions to the above and we encourage you to ask the CapriCMW team if you are unsure if the use of your horse will be covered.

  1. How much coverage does the program provide?

Answer: The policy provides $5,000,000 coverage. The coverage you have is not shared with any other member. There is no aggregate limit on the policy, so in theory, if we had “1000” claims under the program in a single term, there would be 1000 X $5,000,000 coverage provided. (Let’s not EVER have that kind of year -ok?)

  1. Does the policy cover me when I compete at a horse show and why does the show manager care if I have insurance?

Answer: The insurance provided to you as a member of AEF definitely protects you when you attend a horse show or clinic etc. (any number of events, anywhere in the world). The show manager/sanctioning authority/host commonly requires that all participants have personal liability insurance in place as a means to defer and share risk. In as much as we insure several hundred horse shows and equine events each year across Canada, we know and support this simple risk management strategy. Because the AEF policy is so well known, most hosts now mandate that membership be in place.

In summary, everyone who rides, drives or enjoys horses as part of their lifestyle should be a member and take advantage of the insurance provided through AEF membership.

At CapriCMW we are constantly working on improvements to the membership program. If you have questions, suggestions or comments, please contact us.



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