Vaulter Development

What is the Vaulting\Vaulter Development Program?

Vaulting is the performance of gymnastic and dance-like movements to music on a moving horse.

The horse is controlled by a lunger who sends him in a circle around them on the end of a lunge line which is attached to the bridle the horse wears on his head. The horse also wears a special surcingle around his belly which has hand grips and stirrup-like loops for the vaulter’s feet. Vaulters begin working in walk and progress, with training from a qualified instructor, to be able to execute fantastic freestyle performances in the canter. Vaulters learn to have the agility and athleticism of gymnasts, the grace and expression of dancers and the balance and feel of equestrians. Vaulting develops rhythm, co-ordination, flexibility, strength, poise, grace, balance, creativity, and harmony with the horse. It teaches teamwork, responsibility, trust and self-confidence and is also an excellent introduction to the horse in a safe, structured environment. Vaulting is one of the best ways to introduce people to and prepare them for horseback riding. It enhances and helps develop the skills of dance, acrobatics and gymnastics. Vaulting has a long tradition of friendly teamwork and camaraderie, which crosses the boundaries of clubs, countries and even continents.

The Vaulter Development program designed by VaultCanada was designed to produce knowledgeable and well rounded vault athletes. With eight different levels building on skills introduced in the level prior, those going through the program will be taught and able to retain quality skill-sets within the sport of vaulting as recognized by VaultCanada. Once each level has been completed a corresponding certificate/badge is sent to the successful vaulter.

For more information about vaulting please visit the official “VaultCanada” website.

How to Take Part in the Vaulter Development Program

Procedure for Administration of Vaulter Level Examinations in Alberta:

  1. Purchase an Alberta Equestrian Federation Membership (AEF) and an Alberta Equestrian Vaulting Association (AEVA) membership.
  2. A vaulter (or their trainer) who is ready for an examination contacts one of the examiners approved by the Alberta Equestrian Vaulting Association (AEVA) or VaultCanada and the date is set for the examination.
  3. Applications/Forms/Processing Fee Payment are sent minimum of two weeks prior to testing date to the AEF office by the examiner/organizer for approval. Once approved, candidates and their examiners may proceed with the testing phase. Payment for tests can be provided in the form of Visa, Mastercard, Cheque, Cash, and or EtransferIf Etransfer is the chosen method of payment please set the question as “What is my AEF Number” and the password as your actual AEF number. Etransfers can be sent to [email protected] 
  4. The examiner prints a score sheet for each vaulter to be examined and a Examiner Report form (download forms below).
  5. The examiner conducts the examinations. Completed score sheets are given to the applicant. The examiner completes the examination report form and submits it to Alberta Equestrian Federation Coaching Coordinator at [email protected] (or fax  403-252-5260).
  6. AEF records examination results into the appropriate database and issues the certificate/badges (or medals) to the vaulter via Canada Post

The cost of this program may vary depending on the examiner doing the testing. While the AEF does not regulate the fee that an examine is entitled to charge for their time, it is recommended that this fee does not exceed the cost of a regular lesson fee. In addition to this, a processing fee is charged by the AEF for production of vaulter development program certificates and badges (or medals). This fee is $25 (GST included) per certificate per vaulter with a minimum purchase of at least 1 certificate per vaulter per testing period.

Vaulter Development Program Downloads

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