Wild Rose Show Program


What is the Wild Rose Competition Program 

The Alberta Equestrian Federation (AEF) is pleased to offer the Wild Rose Competition program, a provincial level competition to help support and grow rider and horses. The goal of the program is to provide an affordable competition sanctioning program to support and help develop the grassroots level of competition. The program serves as a stepping stone for athletes to step into the national competition program, thereby supporting the development of competitors in Alberta.

Benefits of Using the Wild Rose Program

  1. IT’S A SAFETY THING: The underlying fundamental of sanctioning is to ensure someone other than the show organizer is responsible for overseeing the risk management for the competition.
  2. IT’S AN INCENTIVE THING: When you sanction Wild Rose, AEF offers many incentives for the show, the competitors and the volunteers! Some of these include; advertising on the calendar of events, nominate an outstanding show volunteer to win $50, competitors can win $100 back, AEF helps to offset your officials fees and so much more!
  3. IT’S AN OFFICIAL THING. Wild Rose shows have access to certified officials. Provincial and EC officials may officiate at a Wild Rose show, with the exception of EC Senior Officials, who may officiate for the purposes of mentoring a non-carded or learner official. The competition organizer may also purchase a Guest Card if they wish to employ an experienced, non-carded individual to judge the competition.
  4. IT’S A RULE THING. Wild Rose shows can utilize the Wild Rose rules that follow guidelines and updates from Equestrian Canada in addition to coinciding with neighbouring provincial rules.
  5. IT’S A COST-EFFECTIVE THING. The goal of the Wild Rose competition program is to provide affordable sanctioning for the grassroots level. Not only does sanctioning mean you receive free advertising on the AEF’s most visited webpage (our Calendar) but also the chance to be featured in the Alberta Bits magazine; distributed to all our members (18,000) quarterly. For all this the fees are just $35 per show.

Incentives for Sanctioned Competitions

Volunteer recognition program
Each AEF Wild Rose show has the opportunity to recognize one outstanding volunteer that has gone above and beyond to make a difference. This individual will be mailed a thank you card, volunteer recognition certificate and a $50 Visa/MasterCard Gift Card. Please use this incentive to increase interest in volunteering at your events.

Win your Entry.
One participant at AEF Wild Rose show is eligible to win back for up to $100 of their entry fees. To be eligible, participants must have entered before the show closing date and be a current AEF member (not a temporary member). Please be sure to submit a list of eligible competition entries by email, fax or mail. We will draw a winner and issue a cheque to the winner. Eligible expenses are entry fees; late fees, stabling costs and post entry fees are not eligible. Please feel free to use this incentive to entice participation at your show.

Pay It Back – Wild Rose Official Funding
A new funding program that will help provide financial support to Wild Rose Show organizers. Organizers will have the opportunity to apply for funding every year to help offset the costs of officials’ fees spent, associated with holding a competition. Applications will be accepted in November 2022 for officials’ fees incurred during the 2022 year (certain criteria will apply). 

Application: Pay It Back Deadline: November 1, 2022

Wild Rose Member Referral
For every five new members that join the AEF due to the show organizer’s efforts, the AEF will provide a $25 voucher redeemable on their next Wild Rose Show sanctioning application. Vouchers have no cash value but also do not expire! Referrals may be accumulated over several events and used the following year.

What Constitutes a Wild Rose Show

  • AEF membership is required by all exhibitors, owners and riders
    • If the rider does not own the horse, both the rider and owner must have AEF memberships
  • No drug testing
  • Exhibitors do not require an Equestrian Canada (EC) Sport License
  • Must use AEF Accredited Officials or EC officials to be approved by the AEF
    • If the show organizers prefer to use an unaccredited, but knowledgeable individual as their official, they may do so however, they must purchase and fill out a guest card application
  • EC senior officials may officiate at a Wild Rose show for the purposes of mentoring an uncertified or learner official
  • Proof of Commercial General Liability Insurance to be in full force and effect to a minimum of $2 million.
  • Medic/Emergency Personnel must be on site (First Aid/CPR trained)
  • Maximum level of classes as per AEF discipline guidelines
  • Competition Report and post-show forms are due within 10 days after the last day of the competition
  • An indicator that the show is sanctioned through the AEF is mandatory within the prize list

The full Wild Rose Rulebook for all disciplines can be found here.


Cruelty, Abuse or Inhumane treatment of Horses

  • The abuse or inhumane treatment of a horse by an exhibitor, trainer or other person at an AEF Wild Rose sanctioned competition shall not be tolerated under any circumstances. The competition organizing committee has the right to bar such violators from further participation in the competition if necessary


  • Warm-up areas or designated warm-up times, must be available for all divisions at the competitions
  • All competitors must wear ASTM/SEI or BSI approved protective head gear secured with a safety harness permanently affixed to the helmet. The harness must be secured and properly fitted while mounted at anytime, anywhere on the competition grounds
  • All competitors must wear boots designed for riding, hard soled footwear with a heel of not less than 1.5 centimeters
  • All competition organizers should have an emergency action plan (EAP) in place (rider & horse)
  • The competition ring must be enclosed


  • EC Dressage Tests are available for a fee of $1.00 per test type to a maximum of $20.00. Cheques are payable to EC
  • Tests with scoring areas must be obtained through the AEF Competitions Coordinator. Test requests can be sent to [email protected]
  • Maximum level – walk/trot up to and including fourth level tests, dressage equitation, Prix Caprilli classes

Hunter Jumper

  • Flags must be used in any jumper ring and hunter/jumper schooling area (red flags on right and white flags on the left)
  • Maximum level – lead line and trot pole up to and including 1.10m jumpers

How Do I Participant

To take advantage of all the great incentives of a Wild Rose Competition, please see our sanctioning page for complete instructions.

Sanctioning Fee

  • $35 per show

Sanction my show

Find an official

Become an official

Wild Rose Show Forms 

For more information or any questions regarding the Wild Rose Show Program please contact our Competitions Coordinator at [email protected]