Support for our Fort McMurray Equine Community

We are currently in communication with the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association, Horse Racing Alberta, and many other provincial equine organizations to coordinate help for those in need.

At this time, emergency aid in the way of funds are needed for feed, water, transportation and veterinary care; these are of the utmost importance at this time. The AEF will match donations received up to $5,000. Donations of other items will be required at a later date to assist with recovery and replacement and the AEF will help with this coordination as well.

If you are interested in providing aid in the form of a monetary donation, feel free to forward an etransfer (Security answer: fortmacequine) to Email:[email protected] or contact the office: Rita, 403-253-4411 ext. 7 or toll-free: 1-877-463-6233 ext. 7.

To read our full statement on the Fort McMurray Wildfires, please click here.

Our 2016 Partners

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