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Health & Welfare of our equines is paramount.  Visit this link for many important resources such as disease prevention, transportation and preparing for emergencies.

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Check out our news & events for a complete list (competitions, clinics, events) of what’s happening in the equine community across the province and country, in some cases, register as well.


Visit and be a part of the community by nominating a deserving member for an annual award, check out our directories and learn what external funding opportunities might be available to you.

About Ownership

Nothing compares to the kinship experienced in an equine-human relationship. Learn about being a responsible owner and things to think about before buying or adopting an equine.

To better serve our website visitors and members, we are continually updating our Business, Club, Instructor, Coach, Officials and Stable/Facility Listings.  We can help you find what you’re looking for.

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